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We all know the importance of physical fitness in keeping us healthy and energetic through our life but we completely disregard or, even worst, don't even know the importance of our Mental Fitness.

So What Is Mental Fitness and Why is important?

Mental Fitness is the capacity and ability to improve our performance through taking control of our state of psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Mental Fitness is generated through the ability to:

  • identify and manage our internal capacities (such as focus, attention, presence, perspective, confidence, the ability to appreciate strengths, positivity, determination and to achieve balance),

  • and secondly, Mental Fitness enables an individual to engage productively with their environment (whether work and home), to manage relationships positively, communicate well, to feel fulfilled, motivated and optimistic.

A combination of all of these factors result in foundations of resourcefulness across the different skills and competencies important in our personal and professional life, including the ability to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, work-life balance and personal confidence and to communicate effectively and manage through uncertainty. 

As a Mental Fitness Coach through Cognomie in London, I also provide Mental Fitness sessions to my private clients. I use the Mental Fitness report as a framework through our coaching sessions which provides an invaluable tool in goal setting and prioritisation. 

The report will indicate your customized Mental Fitness Quotient (MFQ) based on three elements:


Your internal view of yourself and how you manage your thoughts and feelings positively and proactively.


How you engage with your ‘environment’, how you manage your relationships and communication and how you gain motivation and a sense of achievement at work.


The foundation elements are aspects of your Mental Fitness that you may wish to develop further as improvements in these areas will positively contribute to your overall levels of happiness.


These areas are designed to help you explore the different elements of your Mental Fitness, in whichever order you like – the individual scores are less important, but instead the focus is on helping to focus on what is most important to you.

It is important to remember that your Mental Fitness profile is derived from your self-perception and it can therefore be valuable to also request feedback from those around you to see how your perception is similar and different to people you interact with.


As your Mental Fitness Coach I will work with you through your report, facilitate your understanding of your Mental Fitness Quotient, what is contributing to this (positively and negatively) and I will help you develop skills and approaches to make the improvements you are looking to make.

Together we will also explore the specifics of your Foundations of Mental Fitness (communication, work/life balance, resilience, confidence and stress to name a few) and help you to develop strategies to sustain your strengths and to make the improvements you want to make in the future.

As a Mental Health First Aider and Mental Fitness coach, I also support clients with topics as positive psychology, NAT (Negative Automatic Thoughts), PET (Positive Empowering Thoughts), Fears and Limited Beliefs.


I offer sessions both in English and Italian.

We will have "informal" check-ins every 5-6 sessions with the purpose of assessing your experience of being coached. This is also an opportunity to discuss any other adjustments or reframe directions that you might need/want.

Please also note that after our journey together, you will have 3 months free check-ins of 30minutes each; this is a complimentary service and an opportunity to discuss how you are progressing after being coached.


Discovery Call

60 minutes £100

Free for a limited time

Taking place remotely (Zoom/Skype): mutual introduction, discussion about your current situation, goals and objectives inside out.   

Mental Fitness - Option

6 sessions

£800 (£133 per session)

Payment options 1: full payment in advance of £760 after agreement's signature (early discount 5%).
Payment options 2 (£400 x 2): £400 after signature's agreement and remaining amount at the end of the first month.

Mental Fitness combined with Career Coaching - 10 sessions (flexibility of different options available)    

£1,334 (£133 per session)

Payment options 1: full payment in advance of £1,267 after agreement's signature (early discount 5%).
Payment options 2 (445 x 3): £445 after signature's agreement and remaining amount at the end of the first and second month.