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Life and Career Coaching in Frankfurt


Career change and transition

Personal Development

Self-education and growth  
Strengths, Weaknesses, Learned Behaviours
Intercultural differences  


Limited Beliefs and Fears
Gaining clarity and Confidence


Wellness and Wellbeing


Mental health 

Work-life balance

Positive psychology

Emotional intelligence
Relocate, expat life coach

One of the most significant challenges to career improvement is how we can leverage our experiences and knowledge to achieve the next upper level. Usually, people start their career in their 20s, and think they will remain in the same path or sector, progressing and achieving more through the years. However, during our 30s or 40s, we find a new sense of maturity, confidence and purpose. Work and life experiences have changed our perspectives and we start feeling a desire to strive for a career able to value the learning acquired so far, but also more aligned with our personality, interests, and purpose. As a career coach in Frankfurt, I support professionals with career change and career progression programs.

How it works

The usual path is the realisation that a career change or development could mean anything from starting a new job, completely changing your sector, becoming an entrepreneur and setting up your own business, or simply discovering the concept of a portfolio career and adjusting your career accordingly. Beside my corporate background and professional coaching qualification and experience, I’m also a Strengths Profile practitioner and I work with realised and unrealised strengths as well as weaknesses and learned behaviours.


I work with my clients as a team and my coaching sessions are a broad array of accountability, positivity, challenges as well as humour, which will make the difference across the full coaching process together.

the importance of career coaching

At Mundo Coaching in Frankfurt, you have personalised coaching support that is designed to help you see your potential.


Your program is tailored to your specific needs and ambitions, with clearly defined milestones to assist in your progress.


If you need support and accountability, I would like to help you. Please feel free to get in touch by completing the Contact Form below or by calling me at +44 2034881085 to arrange an appointment. Sessions are available in both English and Italian.


My coaching programs are customised on my clients to meet their specific needs, priorities and aspirations. I always create a collaborative, non-judgmental and safe space, which I have found to be the best environment to support for success.


I have an holistic approach and my skills as a Life Coach are regularly incorporated into career coaching, because often, the path to success goes deeper than professional achievements. We work together in building confidence and cultivate positive habits to name a few.    

I offer sessions both in English and Italian.

Road Map of the program

As a qualified career coach and as an Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner, I provide sessions based on career change and career development.

The career change program has been carefully tailored using research in career evaluation and transition. 

The program has been designed in three phases:


This will be the holistic part of the program, where we will work on the knowledge about you as a person, your life as a whole and everything you need in your working life to be motivated and satisfied.

During this phase, you’ll get a clear idea of your values, your personal and professional strengths, your interests and passions, your preferred working organisation and environment and your ideal working day to name a few.




This is the second phase, a very creative part of the programme. 

Together we generate a number of possible new career choices. We call it DREAM because the idea here is to be expansive, to think outside the box, not to be constrained at this stage by traditional notions of what’s possible. 


Third and last part of the program, the stage where we investigate the top possibility that was generated in the 
DREAM phase and is the part of the program where we will create a tailored action plan for a career direction that's right for you.


We will have "informal" check-ins every 5-6 sessions with the purpose of assessing your coaching progress. This will also be an opportunity to discuss further adjustments or reframe needed directions.

Please also note that after our journey together, you will have 3 months at a reduce price in order to discuss how you are progressing after being coached.

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