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Life and Career Coaching in West london


Career change and transition

Personal Development

Self-education and growth     
Strengths, Weaknesses, Learned Behaviours
Intercultural differences  


Limited Beliefs and Fears
Gaining clarity and Confidence


Wellness and Wellbeing


Mental health 

Work-life balance

Positive psychology

Emotional intelligence
Relocate, expat life coach

Interview prep etc.

The process of changing careers is fraught with uncertainty. As a result, inertia can set in, which in turn magnifies feelings of fear, doubt and insecurity. When the career change was made necessary by forces beyond one’s control, it can make the situation even harder than it normally is. At a time when they need to muster resources and find a way out of the career wilderness, the person instead is often preoccupied with trying to make sense of what happened. I provide life and career coaching for professionals in West London that enables them to gain perspective, formulate new goals, and devise an action plan to achieve them.

Life and Career Coach in West London

Like a tightly knit fabric, our lives and careers are intertwined. When a person's career is thrown into uncertainty their personal life cannot help but be affected. Likewise, when a person suffers personal setbacks it is bound to have a negative influence on their professional life. Untangling this type of feelings is sometimes too much for one person to handle on their own. That's where I come in. I am a professional Life and Career Coach in West London. I use the latest research in career evaluation and transition to formulate a series of programmes that provide a clear structure, enable you to establish new goals, and provide a framework for setting your new life in motion.

Certified Career Coach

All of my Life sessions and Career Courses can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual. My career coaching programme is comprised of 3 parts. First, we undertake a search for the essential you. Then, using what we learned, we identify and cultivate your special traits and devise ways we can leverage those strengths and talents going forward. Finally, we determine the best path forward and then draw up an action plan that will set it in motion.

The Time to Act is Now

Regardless of the cause, career upheaval is bound to cast a pall over one’s personal life, and vice versa. Untangling the web of hurt feelings, uncertainty, self-doubt, and fear can be too much for one person. My Life coaching sessions and Career Courses provide a vehicle for professionals at a crossroads to process their situation with the help of objective, non-judgmental, 3rd party input.


If you are having difficulty seeing a way out of your current professional or personal situation, please complete the Contact Form below or call me at +44 2034881085 to arrange an appointment. Sessions are available in both English and Italian.


My coaching programs are customised on my clients to meet their specific needs, priorities and aspirations. I always create a collaborative, non-judgmental and safe space, which I have found to be the best environment to support for success.       

I have an holistic approach and my skills as a Life Coach are regularly incorporated into career coaching, because often, the path to success goes deeper than professional achievements. We work together in building confidence and cultivate positive habits to name a few.                                        

Road Map of the program

As a Licensed Firework Career Coach, my program has been carefully tailored using research in career evaluation and transition. The program has been designed in three phases:


This will be the holistic part of the program, where we will work on the knowledge about you as a person, your life as a whole and everything you need in your working life to be motivated and satisfied.

During this phase, you’ll get a clear idea of your values, your personal and professional strengths, your interests and passions, your preferred working organisation and environment and your ideal working day to name a few.




This is the second phase, a very creative part of the programme. 

Together we generate a number of possible new career choices. We call it DREAM because the idea here is to be expansive, to think outside the box, not to be constrained at this stage by traditional notions of what’s possible. 


Third and last part of the program, the stage where we investigate the top possibility that was generated in the 
DREAM phase and is the part of the program where we will create a tailored action plan for a career direction that's right for you.


We will have "informal" check-ins every 5-6 sessions with the purpose of assessing your coaching progress. This will also be an opportunity to discuss further adjustments or reframe needed directions.

Please also note that after our journey together, you will have 3 months at a reduce price in order to discuss how you are progressing after being coached.

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