Career, Life, Expat and Mental Fitness

Coaching Tailored for you

Have you found that the career you started during your 20’s doesn’t feel like the path you want to be anymore?

Maybe this realization has left you feeling lost and demotivated, battling self-doubt, fears and insecurities about your identity.



Have you found yourself at a crossroads in life and in need of a new direction?

Are you currently in transition between two countries or have you recently relocated?


Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the frenetic nature of your life right now, lack clarity on what to do next or how to deal with the stress of work and responsibilities.

Let's have a conversation together and discuss about your personal situation and how coaching can support you.



Monica Mundo is an accredited Career Coach offering one-to-one coaching for professionals going through a career change, promotion as well as relocation.        

Her approach is based on the latest research in career evaluation and transition.      


As a Licensed Career Coach she breaks up the process into clearly defined milestones, which help clients to understand their strengths and their vision as well as identify their transferable skills and opportunities for their transition into new roles and sectors.    

As a certified Strengths Profile practitioner, a tool built on a decade of research in positive psychology, she also supports professionals going through a career promotion as well as relocation.


As a Licensed Firework Career Coach, my program has been carefully tailored using research in career evaluation and transition.

The program (full 12 sessions or fast track 9 sessions) has been designed in three phases: Explore, Dream and Discovery.


As a qualified Strengths Practitioner with Langley Group I provide sessions based on personal strengths and career development for manager, team and students.

 COACHING tailored for you

I work with clients at a crossroad, currently in transition or relocated to a different country or city with lack of clarity about next steps or overwhelmed about frenetic life and stress due to jobs and responsibilities.