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Changes and Life Transitions 

Personal growth



Limiting beliefs





Intercultural differences

Wellness and Wellbeing


Mental health 



Goals and Achievements

Work-life balance

Positive psychology

Emotional intelligence


My coaching sessions are customized on my clients to meet their specific needs, priorities and aspirations. I always create a collaborative, non-judgmental and safe space, which I have found to be the best environment to support for success.

I support clients who are currently at crossroads in their life and in need of new direction, currently in transition between their career or are relocated to a different county or city with lack of clarity about next steps or overwhelmed about frenetic life and stress due to jobs and responsibilities.

My clients are keen to focus on their values, priorities, motivation and achievement of personal and professional goals, with particular emphasis on their mental health, wellbeing and awareness in their daily life, although sometimes they feel demotivated with a lack of clarity and direction.

Seven years ago I moved to London from Italy to build my corporate career.

I understand the challenges of moving country, creating a new life away from friends and family and experiencing intercultural differences along the way.

Change is not always easy to see or measure. The desire to change or improve, could be something tangible and measurable, but it could equally be an internal change or even a long-term change of mindset that has repercussions throughout life (find clarity on an issue, become more self-aware, remember what resources and success you already have, challenge limiting thought patterns and understand personal motivation to name a few).

Please note that coaching requires an open mind approach; coaching sessions are not a quick fixer, but an investment and commitment to take actions to your future.

Without actions, thoughts are just ideas.


I offer sessions both in English and Italian.

We will have "informal" check-ins every 5-6 sessions with the purpose of assessing your experience of being coached. This is also an opportunity to discuss any other adjustments or reframe directions that you might need/want.

Please also note that after our journey together, you will have 3 months free check-ins of 30minutes each; this is a complimentary service and an opportunity to discuss how you are progressing after being coached.

FEES - I work with clients for a minimum of 3 months.

Discovery Call


60 minutes £100

Free for a limited time

Taking place remotely (Zoom/Skype): mutual introduction, discussion about your current situation, goals and objectives inside out.   

3 Months Option

Weekly sessions between 60 and 90 minutes

12 sessions - Price £1,320

(£110 per session)

Payment options 1: full payment in advance of £1,254 after signature's agreement (early discount 5%)
Payment options 2 (£440 x 3): £440 after signature's agreement and remaining amount at the end of the first and second month

6 Months Option

Weekly sessions between 60 and 90 minutes

24 Sessions - Price £2,300

(£110 per session)

Payment options 1: full payment in advance of £2,185 after agreement's signature (early discount 5%)
Payment options 2 (£575 x 4): £575 after signature's agreement and remaining amount at the end of the second and third month

People are talking ...

"Monica was great at helping me devise changes I can make to achieve a better work-life balance. She helped me break down these changes into small, doable steps. I came away feeling much more confident and in control of my workload.

Communication Manager - London

"I was not quite sure what to expect from coaching but Monica was really helpful in making me think about my current situation and exploring approaches I can take forward to improve things. I was really impressed!"

Vision Scientist - West Midlands