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So what exactly is Career Development?

It is a life long process of self-knowledge and discovery that form your career.

Career development is defined by work experiences, learnings and decision makings that during your lifetime bring you closer to your ideal job, skillset and profession. 

It doesn't end when you finish university, choose an occupation or land your "ideal job or organisation". It is the process of being upskilled in your sector through education and training or been professionally reskilled in case of a career change/transition. Professional Development lead you to employability and ultimately progressing in your career. 

As a qualified career coach and as an Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner, I provide sessions based on career development.

Strengths Profile is a powerful coaching tool which measures 60 Strengths across 3 areas: performance, energy and use.

  •  Performance: how well you perform when using this strength.

  •  Energy: how energised you are when using this strength.

  •  Use: how often you use this strength.


The result reveals your unique realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses along with job sector recommendations.

Through this Model you will learn more about what you can do, can't do, and enjoy doing. You'll be able to use the language of strengths and develop yourself in all four categories to release your potential.

My Career Development is a fast program based on 2 Strengths Profile sessions, followed by 1 VALUE session, which together will help you to have more clarity on your career path and working opportunities.

To know more about what Strengths profile is, look into Strengths website here and feel free to contact me for additional information.



My coaching programs are customised on my clients to meet their specific needs, priorities and aspirations. I always create a collaborative, non-judgmental and safe space, which I have found to be the best environment to support for success.       

I have an holistic approach and my skills as a Life Coach are regularly incorporated into career coaching, because often, the path to success goes deeper than professional achievements. We work together in building confidence and cultivate positive habits to name a few.                                        


Discovery Call
(Career development program)

60 minutes £100

Free for a limited time

Taking place remotely (Zoom/Skype): mutual introduction, discussion about your current situation, goals and objectives inside out.

Career Development - 3 Sessions (90 minutes each)
Strengths Profile Test, Values Exercise and Career Direction


Price £400


Full payment after agreement's signature.

* Note: Strengths profile test is £30 + VAT   

People are talking ...

"This was my first experience ever and I have been happily surprised by the result. I had a preconceived idea on how sessions would and should be and I am happy that it turned out to be different and actually for the best. This gave me perspectives and the boost I needed, so thank you Monica." 

Events Manager – London

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Monica, she has helped me build up my confidence to grow and make progress in my career by helping me understand what I want and giving actionable advice." 

Senior Account Manager – London

Monica is such a pleasure to talk to, positive, no judgement, and great at helping to reframe problems and start to figure out "baby steps" to work through a solution."

Delivery Excellence - London